16 Best Outdoor Activities for Dogs

Dogs deserve the best in this life. Big or small, they all need to be pampered every day. And one way to do so is by engaging your dog in fun outdoor activities.

So, if you are out of options and looking for the best outdoor activities for dogs, you are at the right place. By the end of this blog, you’ll have learned the best fun outdoor activities both you and your dog will enjoy.

1. Run or Jog Together

Are you tired of staying indoors with your dog, and it’s time you have a fun outdoor activity with your furry friend? Then it would be best if you tried jogging.

Jogging is a moderate activity that will benefit both you and your dog. Besides being a fun outdoor activity, jogging helps keep your dog’s weight in check.

Additionally, jogging is an excellent way to spend quality time with your pup. Furthermore, jogging or running helps you shed a few pounds after overindulging during the holiday season.

Worth noting, ensure your dog is on a leash whenever you jog together. A leash-trained dog will not be hard to handle even with the sight of other dogs or squirrels.

2. Bike Riding

Enjoy the refreshing sunsets with your dog on a bike ride. The best way to do so is to attach a bike trailer to the rear and tow it with your dog inside. That’s much safer than when you put your dog on a leash.

However, your dog needs to be comfortable staying inside the bike trailer. For maximum comfort, ensure the trailer is well spacious. The space should be enough for your dog to sit and stand up with ease.

Moreover, you can look for a dog bike trailer with a safety leash that prevents your pet from jumping out.

Try this out, and watch your dog become addicted to bike rides.

3. Swimming Sessions

Are you looking for a less exerting outdoor dog activity that your old dog can enjoy? Then try out swimming.

Swimming is gentle on the joints and helps your dog lose some pounds in the long run.

You can look for dog-friendly swimming locations around your area, where you and your dog can have fun.

For some dogs, swimming is a hobby. However, some may need a few training sessions.

If your dog is not comfortable swimming, don’t force him to do so. Look for a different fun activity that your dog will enjoy.

As a key highlight, don’t let your dog drink water from the lake or the pool, lest you want your dog to suffer from severe stomach upsets.

With that, ensure your dog is well hydrated before you both go swimming. For convenience, you can take with you a portable dog water bottle that will help keep your dog hydrated every time.

4. Camping With Your Dog

Make your dog happy by taking him along with you to the next camping session.

Your dog will have his tail up as he can’t get enough of the beautiful landscapes around him.  You and your dog will enjoy discovering new trails and seeing new sights you’ve never come across.

Family Pooch - Camping with your dog

Before taking your pet to a camping site – take note of these precautions.

  • Ensure your dog is on a leash or harness- you can also carry an extra leash or harness if one breaks.
  • Arm yourself with a poop bag.

Collecting your dog’s poop is a great way to respect other people. Also, collecting poop prevents the spread of zoonotic diseases.

5. How About Having a Boat Ride With Your Dog

When it’s warm, one of the best outdoor activities you can have with your dog is a boat ride. You can decide to use a kayak, canoe, or motorboat.

Whichever you choose, we are sure that your dog will want more of it now and then. You can put your dog on a safety life jacket to ensure he’s safe. You never know when disaster may strike.

6. Take Your Dog to a Dog Park

Taking your dog to a dog-friendly park should be top of your list if your dog is tired of routine indoor activities.

Your dog will play with both small and large dogs in this park. This way, he’s able to burn all built-up energy that may bring up mischievous behavior.

As a responsible dog owner, watch over how your dog interacts with other dogs. Be ready to go with your dog back home if he starts bullying other dogs. Or so, if other dogs tend to be aggressive towards him.

Also, avoid visiting the park if it’s not past 14 days after your dog received its last vaccine booster.

Taking your dog to a park is beneficial as it helps with socialization.

7. Take Your Dog to a Farmer’s Market

Boredom can be a disaster if it strikes your dog. Your dog will start chewing up your shoes and gnawing the furniture in your house. Which I know you won’t like.

Beat that boredom on your dog by taking him to your nearby farmer’s market.  Your canine friend will enjoy interacting with other dogs and seeing many sights that will help in socialization.

More still, the scents here will keep your dog intrigued all the time.

Also, here in the farmer’s market, you can buy your groceries, and you may get lucky to get someone selling healthy natural dog treats.

8. Car Rides Are Good With Your Dog

Another top outdoor activity you should have with your dog is a car ride.

Sounds great? How about you try it with your dog? However, before you grab the steering wheel, ensure your dog is comfortable inside a car. If not, a bit of familiarization and training is needed.

Moreover, when your dog is inside the car, safety should be the top of your priority. That’s why your dog needs to be inside a dog car booster seat that keeps your Fido in place as you drive. I know you don’t want to be in a scenario where your dog will keep on interrupting you as you try to overtake on a busy highway.

Also, while outside, if your dog decides to dive into a swamp letting him inside with all that dirt means you will have a hard time cleaning up the upholstery in your car.

However, you are sorted out when you have a backseat car cover for dogs as there will be no stains on the seats. Moreover, a back seat cover will keep your dog comfortable as it enjoys the views out.

9. Visit a New City

Your dog may become bored with your routine walks around the neighborhood together. To cheer up your dog, you can try to visit a new city together.

It will be fun for your dog as he enjoys sceneries that he has never come across.

Coming across lots of new people and other pets is one sight we know your dog won’t forget. Here, you may also get lucky to find a new park or pet shop that has everything you need.

Also, by walking your dog to this new city, you can be able to assess whether your dog has undergone behavior proofing.

10. Take Your Dog to an Obedience Class

Another outdoor activity for dogs you can try out is taking your pup to an obedience class. Here, your dog can also learn other commands that can be handy whenever you are together.

Obedience classes also allow your dog to interact with other dogs, which is essential for sharpening his socialization skills.

11. Take Your Dog to the Beach

Do you love walking all over the beach? Then you can take your furry friend with you. Your dog will be happy running all over the sandy beaches as the cool winds from the ocean cool him down.

As a caution, don’t let your dog drink water from the ocean as it is contaminated. Hence why a portable dog water bottle is an essential item you should never leave when you have a fun outdoor activity with your dog.

With this water bottle, you can carry your dog’s clean water, of which he can hydrate whenever he wants.

 Another thing, remember to apply some paw balm on your dog’s paws for maximum comfort.

Family Pooch - Beach Dog

12. Go On a Photo Session

Is your dog the one who likes making those funny faces that always leave you breaking down with laughter? Then you need to capture such moments.

Take your camera with you anytime you are having those walks with your dog, and ensure you capture all those actions your furry friend will be doing.

You can get an album to store such pictures to make it more fun.

13. Go For Dinner Together

Routine dinner sessions at home can be boring. So, how can you make it more fun? Take your dog with you to the next dinner date.

Sounds funny, but it’s one of the best outdoor activities for dogs that your furry friend will enjoy.

Of late, you will find many restaurants that accommodate pets well, which is a bonus for us dog parents who love dogs more than anything else.

Some restaurants will allow you to carry dog food. Whereas others have dog-friendly items on the menu, your dog will be happy to eat.

14. Attend a Festival Together With Your Dog

Another fun activity to have with your dog is to attend a festival together. In such a festival, your dog will interact with other pets, which is great for socialization.

When attending such a festival, ensure your dog is not aggressive. If your dog is also naughty, then this is not the best activity for your pup, as he won’t be a favorite to many.

Lastly, ensure your dog has received all his vaccines before getting in such a place

15. Fetch

As old as it is, fetch is one of the best outdoor activities for active dogs.

All you need to do is find a spacious yard, toss a ball and watch your dog try to retrieve it.

Fetch is a hobby for some dogs like the Golden Retriever and cocker spaniel. Whereas, some dogs like the scent hounds may find this game too demanding for them. So don’t be surprised if your beagle seems disinterested after the first round.

For intelligent dogs, this game may be boring sometimes. Hence diversification is essential. You can toss a ball with an unpredictable bounce to make it more interesting.

16. Frisbee

Try Frisbee if you are looking for an outdoor activity that will tire your active dog. Your dog’s muscle will gain a lot as he limps high in the air to grab the flying disk before it hits the ground.

The good thing about this game is that it requires less effort from you.

Tips To Have Safe Outdoor Activities with Your Dog

Before you hit the road with your excited dog, these are some of the basic safety etiquettes that may look obvious; however, they are of much importance.

Talk to Your Vet

Talk to your vet, and see whether your dog can have fun activities outside – such is more crucial if you have an old or sick dog.

Your vet will also check whether your dog has all of his vaccinations. The vet can also run some crucial tests before your dog goes for a hike or camping session.

Carry Your Dog’s First Aid Box

A first aid box for dogs is one thing you should never leave behind. You never know what you will come across out there. Hence why it’s good you carry an updated first aid box.

Don’t forget to put Benadryl, an antihistamine your dog can take if stung by a bee. You can also carry 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, which helps dogs vomit in an emergency.

Take Breathers with Your Dog

Even though your dog is energetic, he may not have much energy to withstand long walks, hence why pauses are important.

Rest in between will help your dog gain more energy for more fun.

Don’t Go Out With Your Dog during Hot Weather

Your dog is at risk of a heat stroke if he engages in vigorous activity during hot weather. Heatstroke is fatal as it can kill your dog in a few minutes.

To be safer, walk your dog early in the morning or during sunset.

Ensure Your Dog Is On a Tag or Microchip

No dog owner should undergo the agony of looking for his lost pet hence why it’s crucial to microchip or tag your pet before any outdoor activity.

A microchip contains all your dog’s details and your primary contact details.

With that, if your dog breaks away from the leash, it will be much easier for you to trace your pet back.

What Can I Do Outside With A Dog?

The best outdoor activities for dogs include walking in the neighborhood, swimming together, geocaching, and taking your dog to a dog-friendly party.

These are fun activities that will help stimulate your dog physically and mentally.

How Do You Mentally Tire A Dog?

Besides physical stimulation, mental stimulation is also beneficial. You can mentally tire your dog by playing hide and seek with it. You can purchase dog puzzle toys or get treat-dispensing toys.

Does Playing Tug Tire Your Dog Out?

Playing tug is one of the best indoor and outdoor activities to have with your dog. According to the AKC, playing tug-of-war helps strengthen your relationship with your dog. This collaborative game also helps build your dog’s confidence, hone its natural instincts and burn off any excess energy.

Worth noting, when playing tug, ensure you are the one controlling everything. Tug of war is a game that can be good or bad, depending on how it’s played.

Final Thoughts on the Best Outdoor Activities for Dogs

Keep your dog tired and happy by trying out these top outdoor activities with your dog. With that, your dog will have expelled any excess energy that may bring up bad behavior.

Experiment with each activity and analyze which one makes him more excited.

Got more ideas on how you can have fun with your dog outside? Share with us here in the comment box.

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