5 Amazing DIY Dog Toys Ideas

Ever have trouble with your dog destroying the toys? Dog toys can be expensive, but they're not impossible to make. Do you have a dog that chews up their toys? Or maybe one of your favorite shoes? This is the post for you!

Make your own DIY dog toy in only 5 minutes and use it to keep your pup entertained. These toys will also keep you busy and happy. So here are some great ideas for DIY dog toys to keep your dog engaged:

1.     Sock n' Ball

The best way to entertain your pet without breaking the bank is by making a homemade toy. It's quick and easy. If you are also tired of buying expensive toys for your pets, this DIY pet toy is not only cheap; it's easy to make. All you need are one sock and a tennis ball. Put the tennis ball in the sock and tie the knot just above the ball. Your DIY toy is ready.

2.     Snack socks

If you want to make this toy, you need some treats and a pair of socks. All you need to do is put the treat in one socket and then ball it up. Then put this sock in another sock and Tie a knot over it. Your dog will have an even more difficult time getting these goodies out while still having plenty of fun in the process.

3.     Empty Cereal box dog toy

You need some treats and an empty cereal box to make this toy at home. Put all the treats in the cereal box and make some holes in the cereal boxes; you will see that your dog will use his tongue to get the treat out of the box. Sometimes this dog toy can be a little messy if your pup tries to rip the cereal box.

4.     Filled tennis ball dog toy

It would be best if you had a dog treat and a tennis ball to make this toy. With a knife, cut the side of the tennis ball and fill it with small snacks like cheese or peanut butter. Dogs will love to figure out how to get their treats out. Fido will be ecstatic as he tries to get the treats out, and it'll provide hours of entertainment for you both.

5.     Empty Milk bottle

Take some dog treats and try to fit them in the empty milk bottle. You can squeeze as many treats as you like in the milk bottle and then give that milk bottle to your pup so that he can get the treats out of it. Your dog will continue to play with the toy until he got the last of the treat out.


Whether you are looking for a DIY dog toy to keep your furry friend occupied while you're at work or want to make something fun and unique, we have compiled some easy homemade ideas that will give both of you hours of entertainment. We hope this list has given you plenty of inspiration.

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