A Christmas Puppy A Good Idea Or A Bad Idea

It is Christmas time again and for many Christmas is the season of giving gifts to friends and family. And what better gift this Christmas than a puppy. But is it a good idea to give your friends or family a puppy for Christmas. This blog looks at the fact of giving a puppy as a Christmas gift.

Is Christmas Puppy A Good Idea?

Before you go and buy your loved one a puppy, let them know what they're getting into. While puppies can be tons of fun, very cute, and often bring lots of heart-warming smiles to our faces; these cute and fluffy creatures are a serious lifelong commitment.

Is this something your recipient is prepared for? Are they able to provide enough time to care for the pet, pay for its food, toys, and vet bills on top of everything else? If he is not prepared for that then it's not a good idea to gift a puppy as a Christmas gift.

Here are something’s that you should keep in mind before giving a Christmas puppy to your loved ones.

Ask First

Always asking first is a good tip because we never want to surprise someone with a pet gift, even if we know they are on the lookout for a pet. There could be an exception to this rule of thumb: if you know your friend really wants to adopt a dog but can't afford it right now, then buying one might be an acceptable surprise.

It's also helpful not to assume someone wants to get involved in their local animal shelter run by volunteers. So always ask them first if they have time and interest before proceeding with such favors!

Puppy Must Be Cared Of

Make sure the pet will be well-cared for. Before you buy your elderly mother a dog, be certain that she’s physically able to take care of it because it could end up stressed and unhealthy otherwise. And before you get a puppy for your kids, make sure they’re old enough to help with its care because if not, both they and the puppy may get stressed.

Buy A Puppy After Holidays

If you're looking to join the wolf pack, then now is not a good time. The holiday season is a very busy one, and your family is likely to be packed with guests arriving from far away and spending nights at your home.

If that's the case, consider taking some time out of your schedule in January and February to adopt from your local animal shelter. Most shelters welcome potential new families during this time because the animals spend a lot more time socializing with each other at this palace.

Give Other Gift

Want to give your favorite dog lover a special present this holiday season?

Look no further than this unique Christmas pug mug. It'll remind them of your love every morning when they make themselves a cup of coffee or tea. If they happen to be more Pug lovers by nature, they'll have no problem bringing the world's cutest breed into their office, home, or wherever they check else.

You should get a different gift like a Paw print kit for the dog lover in your life! Just press a paw against the dog paw print kit pad and get the best print without any ink mess, all suitable for framing!


It may seem like a good idea to give your kids or your spouse a puppy on Christmas but it is not a good idea. You should not give a puppy as a present on Christmas because it is not fair to the puppy. The puppy will probably not understand what is going on and why you are giving it a new home and family. The puppy will most likely get confused and not understand why you are not its family and will not understand why it is not staying where it was born. A puppy should not be given as a gift on Christmas.



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