Different Ways to Restrain a Dog in Car for Safety

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Anyone who owns a car must have noticed a dog's instinct to jump out of it. When you are driving, this is the last thing you need, the risk of a dog jumping out of your car and under the wheels of another vehicle is beyond the realms of imagination. If you have a dog, then this blog gives you an insight into why it's important to restrain your dog in the car for safety. How you can restrain a dog safely?

Why Do You Need to Restrain a Dog In The Car?

Driving with a dog in a car is risky. A dog could get distracted easily and end up disturbing the driver while they are trying to concentrate on the road. If you don't restrain a dog, the pup could potentially move the steering wheel, brake pedals, or gear shift, causing an accident.

Your dog may injure itself if not retrained properly and is thrown around by abrupt braking or quick acceleration due to sudden swerves in traffic that might be necessary for staying safe. And imagine if debris from the road falls into your dog’s eyes when its head appears out of your car window.

To ensure that everyone enjoys a safe and happy ride, do your dog, yourself, and everyone else a favor by restraining it. It's also wise not to allow your dog to travel in the front seat, even if it is restrained. Here is how you can keep your dog safe while driving.

Dog Seat Belt

In the same way that a seat belt is an essential accessory for a human, a seat belt can also be effective in restraining your dog from nearby danger. In the same way that belts are designed to fit humans, car harnesses for dogs should ideally fit well and be attached to the rear of your vehicle's seats. There are many different types of harnesses on the market, including ones that have been worn through tests that involve collisions to see which works best.

If you have a wayward dog that likes to jump into the car from the back whenever you’re putting him in, then it’s time you bought the family pooch dog seat belt. This helps to make sure your dog doesn't end up on the floor or under your feet as you drive. It also helps one keep their pooch off of the seat next to them, making for a much safer and more comfortable ride for everyone involved.

Dog Crate

If you want to travel safely with your dog, it's important that you put him in a crate. A crate is a lot safer for the dog than hanging out on the dash somewhere and depending on where you're going and your mode of transportation this could be a car, plane, or boat. If you have an SUV or similar vehicle that has extra room, it may be convenient to keep your dog in an open area of the car.

It’s important to get a sturdy crate when transporting your dog. Look for crates that have buckles and handles or other fastening options. It should be able to fit comfortably in your back seat without putting strain on the seats or the hinges of the doors.

Car Barriers

Car barriers are designed to separate pets from their owners. They can be placed as a partition between the backseat and the cargo area of SUVs, or they can be placed between two seats in a regular car to prevent an animal from moving. Barriers made of mesh and cloth fabrics may also help keep dogs cool in warm weather.

A barrier is usually a secure and upright structure meant to guard one or more sides of an entrance. It serves as protection from the movement of vehicles and people, possibly minimizing distraction. No matter what though, even if the barrier is guaranteed to keep your dog in place during a crash, it won't protect them from being thrown around by their collar.

This is why it's such an important decision for you as a responsible pet owner to invest in a proper dog safety kit that provides solid support if the car starts to accelerate too quickly or change directions suddenly or slow down unexpectedly.

However, having your dog secured in a crate or harnessed can protect you and your lap-wagger from these situations.

One of our products that can create a barrier, protect your dog, and keep your car's interior clean is the Dog Car Seat Cover.  This waterproof cover, which includes a Dog Seat Belt, can keep your pooch comfortable, and your car seat and dog protected!

Dog Car Seat Booster

As dog owners, we know that safety is the primary concern when bringing a four-footed friend into our car. The concept of booster seats originated for babies, but now for dogs too. A dog car seat allows your pet to sit up front and enjoy the view, similar to how you place them in a higher-level basket to give them the perfect view from airplanes.

Be careful though, some manufacturers offer inadequate products designed with lower quality materials not made specifically for dogs. Try to stay away from all those and only opt for ones that are comfortable and ventilated.

The family pooch car seat booster is an excellent way to keep your small dogs safe in the car for long journeys, ideal for new puppy owners without a lot of extra cash to splash out on expensive options.


Restraining a dog in your car is important for several reasons. First, it is required by law in most states. Second, it protects your pet and prevents him from distracting you while driving. Finally, it protects your pet in case of an accident. If you have a dog, it is a good idea to get a dog seat belt and make sure that your pet always wears it when riding in your car. It is also a good idea to get a dog booster seat so that your pet stays elevated and can see out of your car window.

The Family Pooch seat cover is the perfect solution for any traveler who wants to keep their seats protected while traveling with their furry friends. The seat cover provides protection for your pet as well as provides a comfortable space for them to sit while enjoying the journey with you. With an adjustable strap, you can ensure that it will fit most cars. 

Introducing the perfect way to keep your furry friend safe while you're on the go! This car seat carrier has a thick wall on all four sides, so accidents are no problem.  The adjustable seat belt harness and straps keep your pet secure, and the mesh windows provide plenty of ventilation. Whether you're taking a road trip or just running errands, this carrier is a must-have for pet owners.

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