Dog Obesity is Rising

We at Family Pooch care about your dog!  Today as I was researching topics, I found that there is a significant increase in Dog obesity with all of us being trapped at home due to COVID-19.

The situation was already bad.  According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 56% of our dogs (it is even worse for cats) are overweight, but some studies have found that there is has been an increase of over 15% in dogs being overweight! 


Why is obesity a big deal for Dogs?

Though being overweight is a problem by itself, understand that it leads to, or worsens:  osteoarthritis, high blood pressure diabetes, heart disease, and even some forms of cancer.

When it comes down to it, just like humans, obesity leases to overall shorter lifespans, and less quality of life.


    What to do about it?


    First, check with your vet. to see what they suggest to reduce calories and increase activity.  The reality is this isn't rocket science, and just like humans, no diet, no pill, no fad, is going to solve the basic problem of eating too much, or not getting enough exercise.
    Start off with mild, short-duration activities.  Toss a ball, take a bit longer walks, play with them, go to the doggy park.   Enjoy time with your companion!  .As your dog gets used to the activity, slowly increase the duration.  

    Remember to give your companion plenty of exercise of both his/her brain and body!    Snuffle Mats and Snuffle Bowls are one way to train them to forage (most dogs need to be trained, so please see our blog entry on this).  

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