Gifts for Dogs Lovers

We at Family Pooch are always looking for new products for you and your dog.  Today we will focus on some of our latest finds on gifts for Dog Lovers.  Family Pooch doesn't sell them (at least not yet), but we included pointers to Amazon so you can buy them there.

Personalized Pillow

Okay, now here is a personalized pillow that will take a favored pet into something you can curl up with (without the hair).  Getting a picture to DOGZ will get you a pillow (highly rated, and the cost is reasonable)!


Dog Socks
Do you have a special someone who loves dogs and is proud to show it?    Jeasona Women's Cust Animals Socks for Girls may be perfect.  They have different varieties (and a competitor Kiklya does as well, but not as highly rated).



What would a gift guide be without a mug??    There are two aspects that I like about this mug.  It is personalized, and words.  Now personalized isn't a major thing in this day and age, but there are two choices, what the gift receiver wants to be called (Dad, Daddy, Mom, Mommy, Mama, Grandma, Grandpa), and the dogs name. 

The wording is "Dear XXX, Thank you for being my XXX.  If some one else was my XXX I would pee on his shoes, chew up his cell phone and go find you.  Love YYY."

Hand Painted Relief

Willow Tree has a number of different hand painted reliefs, sculptures, and keepsake boxes.  What really draws me to them is the warmth, and the concentration on the emotion.  Sure there are no faces, but you can feel the love between the characters.

That is it for this time!  Thanks for reading!

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