How to Feed Multiple Pets without Conflicts

Pets get hungry, and when they do, they will go to the nearest food source. But what happens when you have multiple pets in the house? It's a good idea to feed each pet separately so that one doesn't finish too quickly and then start fighting for more food with the other. Here are some tips on how to feed your pack of pets without any conflict.

Feed Same Thing To Every Dog

Feed your dogs the same thing, so they don't fight with each other. A lot of people worry about their pets when it comes to food, but if you have more than one dog, then this becomes an even greater concern. Fights can break out over different flavors or types to avoid these issues; feed all members on a single meal plan; no need for favorites.

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Physical Barriers Can Help

For households with dogs and cats, an obvious solution to the problem of fighting over food is to feed them separately. If you have dogs and cats in your house, then feeding your cat in an area where dogs can't access is best. It's best to feed your feline behind a door, so your dog can get over there.

Many people have multiple pets, and if the situation is dire enough that you need to feed all of them separately, then there are baby gates available for your convenience. You can also use large crates or purchase products that only release food your pets are wearing a certain type of collar.

Always Feed With A Plan

If you need to feed multiple pets, be sure that there are enough dishes and bowls available. The person who will serve the food should also know what diet each animal needs as well as how much of it he or she gets per day. Pets will need supervision if they are allowed to share the same room. It's helpful to have a "dog" and cat area for feeding, or try feeding them in shifts so that you can keep an eye on your pets at all times. Make sure both of their appetites get satisfied without being too overstimulated by other animals who might be eating around them.

Feed Them At Proper Time

Be consistent about feeding time by making a routine and including obvious signals for the start of feeding that include a dinner bell and, at the end of dinner, picking up the food bowls. If your pets often fight during feeding time, then a snuffle bowl can help during feeding times. These bowls help improve our dog sniffing skills and also keep their mind active, and prevent them from fighting at feeding time.

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