How To Introduce Dogs To Each Other

Dogs are some of the most cared-for pets. They have been domesticated for thousands of years, and have evolved alongside humans. But introducing dogs to a new environment or dog can be very stressful. Even if you've had dogs before and have a routine in place, introducing a new dog to your current dog can cause a lot of stress.

There are a number of ways to introduce dogs to each other, but it's worth noting that not every method is best for every dog. Dog behavior and stress levels can vary depending on the breed and personality, so it's important to choose a method that makes this process easy. Here in this article, we will discuss the process of introducing dogs to each other.

Select a Neutral Territory For Introduction

It’s best to let dogs each become accustomed to one another in a neutral environment. It is best to start by bringing them closer together on a leash and rewarding them liberally. If the two dogs do not show any signs of anxiety, you should reward them for seeing each other. You can give them a verbal reward by saying good boy and then reward them with a treat.

Keep an Eye on Their Body Language

Watch for signs of aggression, such as a stiff-legged gait, hair standing up on the dog's back, or teeth showing. If you see signs of aggression, either when the dogs are at a distance or near each other, immediately and calmly interrupt their interaction by turning your dog's focus to something else. If they seem to relax then decrease the distance between them and again reward them with treats.

Do Not Rush the Process

It's probable that by the middle of the walk, your dogs like to play with each other. It's also possible that it'll take longer for the dogs to feel comfortable walking side by side. However, it is up to you to give your dog the proper time for an introduction. If you remain patient chances of your success are higher. Don't make the dogs interact if they don't want to.

 If your dogs start seeing each other without any problem let them walk behind each other one by one.  Allow the dogs to stroll side by side if they are both comfortable. Finally, keep an eye on the dogs as they interact. Proceed with the introduction more slowly if one or both dogs exhibit any symptoms of stress or agitation.

Monitor At Home

When introducing the dogs, it is important to use a tall fence or gate so they can't get into trouble. Have you ever seen those videos of dogs meeting each other for the first time, it's hilarious. Introduce them one at a time and provide enriched treats (like high-value, soft dog treats) to reinforce friendly behavior.

Always make sure that both of the dogs have their separate treats and toys and they don’t fight over them. To keep their toys separate you can keep them in their separate Dog toy basket. It’s not only empowering your pups to choose the toy of their choice and also decreasing the chances of conflict between them.


Introducing dogs to each other can be tough, but with some patience, it is possible to introduce dogs to each other. However, make sure to not rush the process and let them know each other slowly.

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