How To Keep Your Dog Comfortable During Winter?

The winter season is upon us, and it's time to wrap up our four-legged family members in warm blankets, get their paws nice and dry, and make sure they have enough food. But what about the other stuff? The dog's health may be deteriorating during this time of year due to low temperatures that can cause them to become lethargic or depressed. There are ways you can help your pup stay happy through the cold weather, though! Check out these tips below before things take a turn for the worse.

A Jacket Or Sweater Would Be Nice

The type of coat your pet has can help to determine how well they handle winter. For dogs with thick coats, such as huskies and malamutes that often live in areas where the snow falls every year, being outside during cold weather isn't always a problem for them because their fur insulates them from harm's way. But if you have dogs like Pugs or Chihuahuas, you need to provide them sweaters and jackets for their safety.

Provide Cozy Bedding

The first things you should provide to your pups are thick blankets and soft beds because they provide the necessary amount of warmth that your pet needed during the winter months. But if they are sleeping in an area where there's a lot of cold air coming through floorboards, consider getting them a Family Pooch Self-Warming Dog Mat that retains their body heat.

Make A Doggy House For Them

When dogs are outside in freezing weather, it's essential to keep an eye on them, so they don't spend too much time romping around and get hurt by the elements. The ears can freeze from wind chill, or if their paws go unprotected against frozen ground, they could develop frostbite, affecting not only your pet's appearance but also its health.

Think of the most comfortable place for your dog and make sure to provide them with a dry, draught-free shelter. They must stay warm during winter months so insulate against cold winds coming off snow or rain by laying straw down on top in addition.

Paw Care Is Important

When your pup comes from outside, check his feet for cuts or abrasions. If you find anything that looks attached to their paws, use paw cleaner for cleaning. You can get the best Dog cleaner paw cup from Family Pooch. This paw cleaner can clean your dog's paws in thirty seconds with its soft silicone paw-friendly bristles.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

Dogs need to stay hydrated, and the winter months can be especially tough for them. Dog owners should always ensure that their dogs have access to fresh water even if they are outside in freezing temperatures all day. Don't let your dog eat snow from outside because it may contain chemicals.  For on the go, check out Family Pooch's Portable Dog Water Bottles


To keep your dog safe and happy this winter, make sure they have plenty of fresh water to drink. Keep their living space insulated with blankets or an extra layer of clothing to help them maintain a comfortable body temperature. And finally, don't forget about cleaning their paws with a Paw cleaner cup after those long walks.

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