Happy Dogs!

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We all love our dogs!  They are members of our families, and like all our loved ones we want to try to make they happy.  Below are 5 tips to help give you some ideas!!!!

  1. Playing 

    I know, your dog loves sitting in the sun, and being petted, BUT never forget your pup is a intelligent animal, and like us, are thrilled to use their brains.  Dogs, overall, love games and mental tasks, and for some breeds is essential for them to behave (a bored dog is potentially a behavioral problem).  Some ideas:
    • Hide-and-Seek - I don't know if you ever hid behind a door to see if your pup can find you, but I can tell you peeking out the crack of the door and watch them as they are running around trying to find you is fantastic.  Dogs love to seek you out.   I have never taught a dog to hid, but I have heard from some owners that it is possible :).

    • Treasure Hunt - Your pup enjoys sniffing and hunting.  Arranging a treasure hunt with a prize of a treat and/or new toy will be a way to make them happy.  You will have to move with them, and point out areas for them to search, but it will be worth it!
    • Dancing.  Did you know your dog’s love to dance?  Sure, it's not the waltz, but as you listen to music and dance, don't be surprised if they try to join in!
  1. Go on long walks
Sure, your dog NEEDs to go outside, but that going for a walk is one of the very favorite activities for pups of all breeds, sizes and ages.  Not only does your pup get to have time with you, but gets to use its nose, and enjoy some of its instinctive behaviors.  Don't just take them out to use the bathroom but take them out for both of your health!
Our Snuffle Mats, and Snuffle Bowls are designed to allow your pooch to do this inside, BUT this doesn't replace walks where possible.  I love our products, but nothing can replace your active love!
  1. Change things out
Sometimes we think our dogs are WAY different than we are, and in some cases, it is not the case.  Though like us they like pattern and regular schedules, they also like new experiences.  Think about:
    • Treats - You have probably found treats that your dog loves and have since never change it out (hey if it works, why bother?).   Still, most dogs love even seeing a new treat!  They may still go back to their old favorite but adding spice to their treats will make them very happy!

    • Toys - Pooches love their old toys but add a new one in occasionally.  Sure, that chewed-up disgusting one may remain their favorite but having a new toy will attract his/her attention! 

    • Collars - To us a color is a way to identify your dog as yours, and is for safety, for a dog, it can be like clothes.  Each collar feels different, and sounds different, so like us getting new clothes, a dog enjoys a new adornment.
  1. Just relax together

    Like with the others that we love, just being together is happiness!  Our dogs love being slowly petted on the couch, being close to you as you work, and napping nearby when you busy with other things. 

    Don't forget your friend can't communicate to you as clearly as others, but almost all dogs enjoy you active, and passive, attention!
  1. Socialize Your Pet

    What makes dogs wary or aggressive of new people is they are sometimes not socialized early enough.  It is crucial that a young dog to interact with other animals and people early so they can, just like us in Elementary School, learn how to play well with others.

    If you want to have a pup who will grow up to a dog who will enjoy going on hikes, playing in the park, and walk the neighborhood without a problem, let them meet people, other dogs, cats, and address any behavioral issues early!

Have a great day!
Jay Hawkinson
Family Pooch

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