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One of the most thrilling experiences for any dog lover is bringing home a new puppy. Having a furbaby running around your house is always fun. The love that an adorable puppy can give you is priceless.

Well, getting a puppy is a big decision. It will certainly have an impact on your life. You have your routines and your puppy is going to need to get along with those. 

Are you ready for a new puppy?

Perhaps the most vital question you should ask yourself before you bring home your puppy is - Should I get a puppy? 

Getting a new pup is not something that should be done without proper planning. Before bringing home a puppy, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you afford to own a puppy in terms of food, dog toys, training, grooming, vaccination, and vet fees? 

  • Is every family member on board with the idea of having a puppy?

  • Do you have kids or another pet at home and still manage to have a puppy? 

  • Does your house have enough space needed for a puppy? 

  • Puppies require a lot of time, attention, and training. Do you and your family members have enough time to dedicate to your puppy? 

  • Will your puppy have company at home if you have long working hours? These little furballs can't be left alone for extended periods. 

  • Puppies require a commitment for the duration of their entire life. Can you commit to a long-term relationship with your puppy?

  • Are you ready to deal with all kinds of messy stuff involved in puppy parenting?

Have you answered yes to most of these questions? Then congratulations! you are ready to bring a puppy to your family! 

Before your puppy arrives, there are some arrangements and decisions to be made. After all, little preparation goes a long way!

Let's explore what will you need to get started:

What will you need to get started?

Once you decide to bring home a puppy, the very first thing you need to do is make sure that your house is ready for your new furry child. Ensure that they have everything they will need to make this place feel like their forever home. You’ll also need to find the right supplies, decide on house rules, think about how you’ll make introductions, and schedule important vet visits.

So, you’ll need to acquire a few accessories. Here are some great must-haves for your puppy:

  • Dog gates: Invest in a dog gate or baby gate that allows you to keep your puppy contained to a certain area of your home.

  • A designated area to calm down: Puppies can get a little overly excited when there is too much stimulus around them. Dedicate an area for the puppy to calm down and relax. Puppies need a nice, comfortable, and cozy bed and bedding. Dog sleeping bag is a good example of something that could work. You possibly need a dog crate for house training a puppy. A dog crate is a great way to help the puppy feel safe and comfortable. 

  • Dog leash, collar, and harness: Want to take your new fur baby on a walk? Puppies need a dog collar, harness, and leash for walks and training.

  • Food and water bowls: You also need dog bowls and water bowls that are made of safe and high-quality material. There are many types of dog dishes to choose from. You may need a portable dog water bottletravel dog bowl, and dog puzzle feeder. If your puppy is a guzzler when it comes to food, try out a snuffle mat.

  • Toys: You also need a few safe, interactive, and entertaining dog puzzle toys and a dog snuffle ball to get started. Ensure the toys are the right size for your puppy. You also need a great dog toy basket to keep all puppy toys and keep the space neat. 

  • Puppy food and treats: You also need healthy puppy food and delicious treats. Check what type of food your puppy has been given by the breeder and continue with that same diet for at least a week.

  • Grooming equipment: Every puppy requires grooming tools at home regardless of the length of their coat. Your puppy will need to have a brush, comb, nail clippers, puppy shampoo, and conditioner.

Introduce pet-friendly zones 

Puppy proofing your home is essential to protect your new fur baby! Before bringing home the puppy, you must prepare your home and puppy-proof every area. Introduce your puppy to any pet-friendly zones you have prepared for them. That’s where a dog crate or pet gate comes in handy.  

Puppies love chasing, chewing and eating anything they can get hold of. So of course, preparing your home for a puppy is a must. To keep them safe, you may need to block off certain areas of your home, like staircases, until they are brave or practiced enough to use them.

Here's our puppy-proofing checklist:


Baby gates are up


Wires and cables are stored away


Drugs and chemicals are away


Small spaces are blocked off


Designated toys for puppies


Bags and shoes are away


High places can't be reached


Trash is stored securely


Human food is out of reach


Puppy food is away

All dogs have unique personalities, traits, and needs. Don't get discouraged if your puppy is taking longer to adapt to his new home. 

Decide on the house rules

Puppies are eager learners. However, they’re not going to learn if the rules change every minute. The most important points are consensus and consistency. So, the whole household should sit down together to come up with the house rules for your new puppy.

Choose a vet

You should be vigilant about your puppy’s health. Your puppy will require vet visits and vaccination. These veterinarian check ups give you a chance to track your puppy’s growth. You can discuss any questions about your puppy's health with your vet. Also, in case of an accident, it’s good to have the emergency vet contact number handy.

Your puppy's health is precious, and regular visits to the vet are a major part of being a good pet owner. Vet examinations are a key component of preventive care. Your vet will advise you on how to prevent breed-specific health risks and recognize the onset of any disease.

Educate yourself

Different breeds have different personality characteristics, temperament, training and exercise needs, and grooming requirements. Research your desired puppy’s breed and pick the one that suits your lifestyle.

Talk to the breeder, rescue, or shelter to get an idea of your puppy's routines, eating habits, personality, and favorite games. The more you know about your new pet, the better you will be able to make him comfortable in his new home. Also, start checking out the different food options to find out which ones might best suit your dog's breed.

5 tips for introducing your puppy

Here are some amazing tips for introducing a puppy to your home:

Do your homework

The very first thing you need to do is to ensure that your house is ready for your new furry child. You must do your homework and make sure your puppy has everything they need before it arrives. 

Give them space 

Make the first few days peaceful and calm for your puppy. Let your puppy explore the house and get to know you and your family. Let your puppy walk on all the different floor surfaces, sniff around, and explore the yard.

Give time to your new puppy  

Go slow! Let the puppy adjust at its own pace. Introduce the puppy slowly and carefully. Prepare for the first introduction of your new puppy and other pets in the house. 

Supervise interaction between pets and kids

Both puppies and children need rules to live by. Kids need to be taught when to approach a puppy and when to leave it alone. Teach your kids how to interact with and touch dogs. Always supervise any interactions between dogs and kids.

Give equal love to all pets in the house

You need to make your new puppy comfortable as it adjusts to its new environment. Give all pets in the household lots of love and attention. Existing pets need extra attention and reassurance to help them feel more secure. 

Final thoughts

All puppies experience some level of stress when they're introduced to a new home and family. Each puppy deserves a pet parent who has time, energy, resources, and interest to welcome them happily into their life. 

It is always amazing to watch your adorable furry child grow. It’s fun, exciting, and immensely rewarding to care for this new addition to your family. Your thoughtful choices will make your home a more peaceful and playful place for your pup.

Every puppy is individual and a little different. So, what goes best for one animal may not work for the other. As a responsible dog parent, you just have to be a little more creative! 

Happy petting!

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