How to use the Snuffle Bowl and Snuffle Mat

A Snuffle Bowl is not as much a toy, but more a training tool.  Here are some tips on how to use it effectively and avoid your dog destroying it right away!  Though we will discuss this as the Snuffle Bowl, the same techniques will work for the Snuffle Mats.

Everyone at Family Pooch hopes you will enjoy!

First Use

Put a few of your companion's favorite treats on the top of the Snuffle Bowl loosely in the fleece. Be with your dog while they start to forage and learn how to sniff out the treats. Encourage them, but if your dog starts to lift or pull at the bowl, or to attack the fleece,  stop them with a command, then encourage them to sniff by pointing out the treats on the bowl to them.  This will encourage your dog to enjoy the foraging and sniffing process and NOT just attack, dig or shake the treats out of the bowl.  When the dog has found all the treats put the Snuffle Bowl away (you can use the drawstring to close it up). 

Continued Use (First week)

Remember this is training, so I would do this two-three times a day for the first week, again, with their favorite treats,  This will help build in your friend the foraging skills and rewarding them with their favorite treats.  As they progress, you can start hiding the treats a little deeper in the Snuffle Bowl.  

After a couple of days, most dogs will have learned sniff, and find their treats without trying to cheat. 

Continued Use (ongoing)

Once your companion has gotten good at sniffing for their treats, you can then start to mix their favorite treats, with their ordinary dry dog food.  Continue to hide a treat every once in a while so they will always be kept interested in sniffing.

Washing your Snuffle Bowl

The Snuffle Bowl is machine washable!. Balance your washing load with a couple of hand towels to balance out your load! We will have a post on cleaning the Snuffle Bowls and Mats later.

Not a Toy

We at Family Pooch recommend that you don't just put the bowl down and leave it like it is a toy.  Open it up for feeding, supervise your furry friend, and then close it up when done.  We have not heard of the tassels pulling out on our brand, but we have heard of it for others, so please if your companion pulls out a tassel remove it and keep them safe!


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