Reasons Why My Dog Does Not Sleep At Night?

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Did you know that one in eight pet dogs suffer from some sort of sleep disorder? Did you know that sleep problems affect ALL dogs of ALL ages? Did you know that this can lead to serious health problems? If you didn't know all of these things, then that is why you need to read this article on why your dog does not sleep. 

Here we are going to look at why dogs dp not sleep, what you can do about it, and what some of the possible causes are.

Reasons My Dog Does Not Sleep At Night

New Environment

If your new puppy enters a home that has different routines and schedules from what he was used to, he’ll need some time to adjust. He won’t just become accustomed to his new situation overnight, and it may be your dog may not sleep at night.

If you have placed him in a crate or in another room away from your homeownership, the puppy will feel lonely and might start barking at its crate door or any other wall that acts as an obstruction towards feeling close to you. So you should give sometime to your pup to adjust in his new environment.

Health Issues

If your dog does not sleep at night, and is ordinarily a good sleeper but then all of a sudden he’s up and awake all night with no apparent changes to his environment, it might be because something has happened to scare him. If this is the case you want to stay on top of things. Make sure there aren't any wounds that need aid or if he's repeatedly licking or pawing at joints or any particular part of his body that it isn't causing him undue pain that needs attention.

Irritation or Unnatural Sound

No one likes to be kept awake by something scratching or clicking above them, in their attic or bedroom. The truth is that very few people appreciate this situation. Countless people report having a hard time sleeping with their dog and hearing it whine and bark as if it's being haunted by some phantom troublemaker lurking somewhere nearby.

In reality, dogs can often hear things that we cannot so that there is some nocturnal creature potentially causing your dog to be spooked in the middle of the night while you're trying to get a good night's sleep!

Feeling Cold

Some dogs don't sleep well when they are feeling cold. If your dog is feeling chilly, it may be restless at night, making unnecessary movements at times. It may also make a lot of noises and push its body against other animals to keep itself warm. 

This problem is especially common in harsher climates but you can help your dog cope by giving it a self-heating matt that can take away all the hassle associated with dogs not being able to sleep properly.

IF you are facing same problem don’t look any further because this self-heating dog mat used advanced technology to keep your dog warm and you don’t electricity for it.


As you can see, there are many reasons why your dog may be having trouble sleeping. While some of these reasons may seem minor, they can add up over time and make it much more difficult for your dog to fall asleep and stay asleep. Its best to diagnose the issue and treat it accordingly so your pup sleep well at night.

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