Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

In summer time, when it's hot outside! There is no better way to cool down than spending a day at the beach with your best pal. But you should make sure that you keep your dog cool in the summers, or else he might get heatstroke. You don't want him getting sick, so here are some tips on how to cool your dog in summer.

5 Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool In Summer

Provide Shady Area

If you are looking for the perfect spot to take your dog, look no further than outdoor cool shady areas. You can take the help of a thermometer to assess the temperature of that area. A large tree may not be available, but a small patio can provide shade with just one canvas canopy. You can even use collapsible tents that are available at the nearest stores and adjust them in a cool place for them.

Dogs need more than just shady areas. They also require an easy way to cool down during hot days, which is you should use self-cooling Dog cooling mats. The self-cooling breathable fabric is made from eco materials, so it's safe for your furry friend while also being machine washable! Place this on the floor by where they like to lay down.

Give Access To Fresh Clean Water

The best way to keep your dog healthy and happy is by keeping an eye on their diet. Make sure they always have water available for when they need it, as well as ice cubes if required. When taking a walk with Fido make sure that there's enough water in place. For that purpose, you can use Portable pet dog water bottles. These bottles are very easy to use, and with a one-click easy unlock button, your dog can drink water, and the remaining water will go inside with the same click.

Play In The Water

A wet dog is a cool dog. It's recommended that when you take your pet on an outdoor summer activity, they should involve some water play. A sprinkler or pool can both be fun and cool for them. Take your dog to a pool or beach where they can have the perfect swim in the water.

Never Leave Them In Parked Cars

For the safety of both you and your dog, it is essential always to remember that you should never leave your dog in the car, even just cracked windows. Even on milder days, heat can quickly rise inside, making temperatures dangerous for your furry friends, and it can even result in death.

Don't Shave Your Dog Coat

Do you have a furry friend who has a thick, fluffy coat? If so, then don't shave their coat in hot weather. That's because their fur provides natural insulation and sun protection for themselves. Shaving off this important layer robs your pup of these benefits, which could result in discomfort or even worse over such as burns from damaging rays on exposed skin cells.


During summer, it's important to remember that our canine friends need just as much protection from the sun. If you are planning on spending a lot of time outside with your pup this summer, ensure they have plenty of water available and provide them with cooling mats in their laying area.

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