How to Tell If My Dog Loves Me?

The question does your dog love you? Is a very complicated question but yes, dogs love us. Of course, their love is different from ours, but we can see their love for us through the little things they do. Besides, dogs need us as much as we need them. They also need us to take care of them. So these are the signs that show your dog loves you. Here we will discuss some of the signs that show that your dog loves you.

They Are Excited To See You

The canine species is one of the most lovable, most loyal creatures. If a dog recognizes you as its caretaker he will show you his affection by making you feel welcomed. They do this normally through physical means such as through wagging their tail as well via vocalization, by barking. Your dog may also lick your face, hand and sometimes also do an excited pee. If you see all these signs it means your pup loves you.

They Will Protect You

Dogs are pack animals. When raised with family members, dogs lay in a defensive position by putting their noses to the wind to pick up threatening scents, backs to other pack members for extra protection, nose and tail wagging in a friendly manner towards them. If your dog does this to you when you are hanging out together it's because he considers you family just like everyone else and loves you.

They Love To Sleep With You

It's not advisable to let your dog sleep with you. This may cause you harm and lead to a number of health issues. But if they still love to sleep near you or in the corner of your bed, it means they love you.

They Bring Their Toy to Play With You

Sometimes your dog comes to you with his favorite toy, he is doing so because he likes you and wants to show off a prized possession. Your dog might be barking excitedly and wagging his tail at this moment – but this does not mean that he wants to play. It just means that your dog loves you and wants to give you his most valuable thing.

They Will Lick You

Dogs lick us because it provides a sense of companionship and affection. This can be seen in how they lick objects like your favorite sneakers or book that are filled with your smells, to get the same affection from these things. If you find your dog doing these things from time to time it means he loves you.

How to Return The Favor?

Our dogs give us so much love, and we want to return the favor by giving them something they love and enjoy. The snuffle bowl not only keeps your dog busy while they sniff around, but it also stimulates their sense of smell - like a multisensory toy.


Every dog owner wants to know how to tell if their dog loves them, and we do too! We think dogs are the best and we want to know that they think the same of us. So how do you tell if your dog loves you? It’s easy! Dogs can’t hide their feelings as people can. If your dog loves you, they will show you in every way they can. Hope this blog helps you learn the signs that your dog loves you.



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