How To Use Snuffle Mat To Train Your Dog

Family Pooch - Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is usually a feeding toy that is made from fleece. The mat has bits of fabric woven through its backing and then pulled tight to create “fingers” on top. 

These fingers slow your dog down as he tries to devour his kibble so it ends up taking longer for him to get his fill, which can help curb his appetite and even prevent bloat. It is also used for training your dog in various ways. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss how to use a snuffle mat to train your dog?

Prepare The Snuffle Mat

Before you start any training program first you have to prepare the snuffle mat. Snuffle Mats are made with a type of fabric and the food needs to be dry, but they can't be used in conjunction with wet or raw foods. The mats are ideal for use with small dry treats or flat kibble that is not too hot.

Training Your Dog Self-Control

The Snuffle Mat helps pet owners calm their furry friends as well as teaches patience and self-control. Before use, prepare the mat in front of your furry companion and then ask them to sit. Now that they are seated, you can give them the "okay" or release command, to start sniffing around. In this way, they will learn some self-control.

Train Your Dog Distraction

The Snuffle Mat is also ideal to distract your dog when you may be unable to attend to them. If your pup is especially fearful of visiting the veterinarian, for example, you can use this in addition to a warming blanket or some soothing music for extra support and comfort.

If they don’t do well in grooming sessions you can use it to distract them so that your pet can stay calm throughout the grooming process. You can also employ the Snuffle mat during stressful times like separation anxiety where your dog needs some real comfort and support.

Train Fast Dog Eater To Slow Down

For Some dogs, mealtime can be a bore. They're often fed once a day from a single bowl which they can just gobble up all the food. If dogs eat too fast they suffer from bloat. Snuffle mats are used to slow down these types of fast eaters by allowing you to hide their food in them, meaning they have work to do to reach it before gulping everything down.

Train Your Dog To Come

A great way to teach your dog to come is by using a snuffle mat. Hide some treats in the snuffle mat and take it away from them. Hide the most desirable treat in the snuffle mat and call your pup's name. In the love of getting what they wanted, your dog will come running to you.

The Family Pooch Snuffle products have a great number of benefits. For instance, it will not only keep your dog busy but also help you in training them with different commands. Don't believe me? Check the reviews.


Snuffle mats are a great way to help your dog develop their sniffing abilities. The dog snuffle mat is a piece of equipment that can be used to train your dog to search for different scents. This is a great way to let your dog have a lot of fun and to help train them to use all of their senses to find those delicious treats.

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