Portable Water Bottles for Dogs

Many of us love to take our dogs with us on our adventures.  It could be a car ride, a hike, a picnic, or anywhere outside of our home.  The problem is, how do you give your dog the water your companion needs. needs. Here is some potential options that you can consider to take your furry friend with you on your next adventure.

Why are Dog Water Bottles Important?

Water is important, no matter if you are a human or a dog.   Active dogs, young dogs, and puppies need lots of water. Keeping your companion hydrated helps there body perform as it is supposed to, increasing muscle mass and cell growth.  More importantly, getting them enough water prevents dehydration that can lead to many ailments, including heatstroke.

Though you can bring a bottle of water and a water bowl, the idea behind all of these products is to make it simpler and easier to carry the water.  Family Pooch currently carries one of the types of bottles, but we wanted to share other varieties that may also meet your needs.

Portable Dog Water Bottle

Family Pooch's favorite is the  Portable Dog Water Bottle dispenser that we sell. All materials are eco-friendly, BPA-free, lead-free, and made with FDA approved food-grade plastic that is durable and recyclable.   The Portable Dog Water Bottle dispense was designed for convenience in mind with its one-hand, one-button operation. Tilt the bottle down, push the button and water will dispense into the bowl. There is also a lock button feature which is designed with a silica gel seal ring that prevents water from leaking or spilling when not in use. It's lightweight, portable, and easy to carry in your bag, backpack, or hang it on a sling.


Green color Portable Water Bottle for dog

We also see this model.  The advantage of this one is it is completely manual.  You squeeze the main chamber, and water comes up into the bowl like area, release, and the water goes back.  The only issue we have with this model is there is no filter, and some dogs will have an issue with the bowl design.


Family Pooch - Snuffle Mats and more

Family Pooch - Snuffle Mats and more
Lastly, like our favorite model, this one is a button press.  There is a locking feature, however, which allows your dog to drink as much as he wants.  This model also comes in different sizes so you can pick exactly what you need!

No matter what type of water bottle you choose, the important thing is to help keep your family dog hydrated.

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