5 Signs To Never Ignore In Dogs

Dogs are not just our pets; they are part of the family. We spend time with them and provide for their every need, so it is essential to know when something is wrong with them. There are many signs that your dog may be unwell, but some of these can be difficult to identify. This blog post will help you learn what some of these signs might be and how you can get your pet the care they deserve.

5 Signs To Never Ignore In Dogs

Excessive Drooling

Excessive drooling is a worrying sign, but it doesn't always mean the dog has fallen ill. In some cases, excessive saliva can indicate an underlying health problem such as allergies, dental disease, poisoning, and heatstroke.

Excessive Panting

Dogs can show various symptoms when they are not feeling well, but excessive panting is one sign that should never be ignored. This could indicate an underlying medical issue such as heart disease or something more minor like dehydration from spending too much time outside in hot weather without water available nearby.

Too Much Water Consumption

Dogs need to drink more water than humans do, but if they drink too much, it could be because their bodies tell them something is wrong with them. If you're watching your pet return again and again to the water bowl, it may be time for some preventive medicine. Over-hydration can indicate kidney failure or diabetes mellitus in dogs. Cushing's disease is another possible cause of excessive drinking that develops when too many cortisol hormones are present. Sometimes the use of excessive medicine can be the cause extra water consumption.

Change In Behavior

It is important to take notice of your pet's behavior because anything can be wrong. They may need medical attention right away if the change is sudden or their appetite has decreased significantly. Some common signs of change in behavior are moodiness, unprovoked aggression, erratic temperament- no longer playing with toys, etc.

Change In Odor

If you notice that your pet has started to smell differently, there could be a problem. Bad breath is not normal for pets. Stinky ears or skin can also indicate underlying health issues like ear mites that must be treated immediately by a veterinarian. If you're used to your pet producing malodorous gas regularly, but the smell has changed in intensity or frequency lately, it might be time for them to check out their health. If your dog is exhibiting any of these signs, don't hesitate instead to consult your vet.


Our best advice for any dog owner is to make sure they are checking their pet regularly. If you suspect your pup isn't feeling well, take them in right away. The earlier a potential illness or injury can be treated, the better chance of recovery and less risk that it will become worse over time. Plus, an early diagnosis means quicker treatment times, which is always good news for your four-legged friend, which is always good for our four-legged friends who don't enjoy waiting around in vet offices.

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