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Continuing on our theme of Dog Toys, we a Family Pooch wanted to go into more detail on what makes a good toy for your dog.  As we discussed in our Blog many of our blog articles, a good toy should be strong, and flexible, but to pick a toy that will become your dog's favorite takes more than that.

What things make a toy the favorite? 

Both your behavior and, and that of your companion, play an equally in making a toy the favorite for your dog.  Even if your furry friend prefers one toy over the other, if you don't like it, and don't play with him/her a lot, that toy will lose its favored status for your dog.

A good practice is to be toy-agnostic and focus on the needs of your dog.  If they have multiple toys, put them all out, and let the dog select the one he or she wants to play with  The goal is to build confidence, which will help with overall dog training.

What toys are beneficial for the dogs?

As you look at toys in the market, some are flavored to help compel your dog to play.   Some dogs have issues with these and can develop separation anxiety with the toy, so be careful.  Tough rubber toys are durable and beneficial for playtime, and, if you enjoy playing with your dog with them, they may become his/her favorite.

Other considerations

  • Consider having a separate space for toys, and work on training the dog to put back the toys (like Ours).  This will give your companion the maximum empowerment, and allow them to choose a toy for your quality time.  In addition, like when we were kids a "toy chest"  was a great way to keep a room neat, while giving us access to our toys.

  • Try to make playtime thrilled by having a diversity of toys and games.
Overall, Play Time with your dog is a great experience.  It is helpful in the character building of your companion and building a relationship to take a "pet" and making them a great friend.

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