Separation Anxiety In Dogs, How To Help Your Dogs

Canine separation anxiety is a major problem for many dog owners. It can be caused by any number of reasons, including the age and breed of your dog, as well as his past experiences with being left alone before. If not dealt with properly, it could result in destruction to your home and property, excessive barking, urinating/defecating indoors, chewing on household items, or self-mutilation due to stress. There are ways that you can help reduce this type of behavior, though! Read on below to learn more about what causes canine separation anxiety and how you can deal with it effectively!

Here are five tips to relieve separation anxiety in dogs

Take Your Dog For Walk Before Leaving

Walk your dog daily for at least 30 minutes. Take him on an extra-brisk walk with a heavy backpack filled to the brim of goodies that he will love. Afterward, let him rest in order to eat his breakfast without feeling too guilty about leaving him behind while away all day. Make sure to leave your dog in quiet mode.

No Physical Contact Before Leaving

The best thing you can do for your dog is to have an understanding. Dogs need to know that their owners are going away but will come back just as quickly, so they shouldn't get too worked up about it when the time comes. I recommend practicing no eye contact with them before leaving and coming home in order; this way, both parties feel more at ease.

Stay Calm When You Leave

A dog's separation anxiety can be relieved by making them feel like they are in charge. A calm and assertive leader will ease the feeling of being away from home, which might help dogs who suffer from this problem more than others.

Say Good-Bye Long Time Before Leaving

You may have trouble practicing "no touch, no talk, and eye contact," but it is possible. To prevent hurt feelings for yourself or your dog when saying goodbye before leaving on vacation, try telling your pet that you will miss him by giving affectionate hugs while still keeping things professional. The best thing to do is to say good be at least an hour before the departure, so things get normal.

Leave Your Dog With Some Toys

Our pets can suffer from separation anxiety, and we want to give them the best chance at dealing with this issue. So if you're going through a difficult time or need an extra hand during your absence, leave some toys it can help keep anxious pups at bay during these times by providing plenty of interactive playthings for them. You can also use a snuffle bowl that can help keep your dog busy and prevent them from separation anxiety.


If you want to prevent separation anxiety in your dog, they mustn't be left alone for long periods. This can be difficult if you work all day and cannot find a caretaker or pet sitter for them. However, there are some things mentioned above you can do at home before leaving the house, so your pup feels more content while he waits for you to return later on.

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