Ideas to make your dog more playful

Some dogs are always ready to play.  As soon as you grab a ball, they are flying away for you to throw it.  Others, however, are not so inclined to play,  These will just look at you strangely when you say "fetch," and it looks like they are saying "you threw it, you go get it."

Not all dogs want to play the same way.  This was certainly the case with Odie.  He was a great dog, but he wouldn't ever fetch.  He would, however, love rolling around on the ground with the family.  

Based on what we have learned, Family Pooch wants to help! 

General Tips

  • Make sure your dog is comfortable in your home first.  When you first adopt a dog he/she must get comfortable in their surroundings first. 
  • There should be a space for the dog to make him feel homey.  If in a Dog house, make sure it is comfortable and has good bedding
  • For toys, Always select the flexible and strong toys which can't be harmful to teeth and gums. (See our blog post on Toy Suggestions)

Playtime Tips!


  • When your dog wants to play, don't always play the same way, or assume you know what he/she wants.   Place the toys in front of the dog and have him/her pick out the one they want to play with. This will help to build your dog's confidence. 
  • Sometimes your dog may not want to play with toy.  Be patient, see how he/she is behaving, and learn how to judge what kind of playing they want.
  • Remember an important part of the formula is you.  If you can't take the time to play with your god, he/she is unlikely going to want to play with you.  Take the time to spend quality time with your dog!
  • Alternate the toys with every other day so the dog doesn't get bored.  Variety is the spice of life!.
  • Your dog is probably not going to want to play for a long time every time.  That's okay, quality vs quantity!


Playing with your dog can be a great bonding experience.  When your dog isn't a "playful" dog, just be patient, try different things, and find how he or she wants to play.  This will make it a wonderful experience for both of you!

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