Top Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool During Walks

Family Pooch - Dog Cool During Walks

Dogs have a hard time regulating their temperature and this can cause them to get overheated and ill. In extreme cases, it can even lead to death. Some dogs are more resistant to heat than others but it is important to take necessary precautions to keep our dogs healthy. Here are some simple tips that you can use to keep your dog cool on walks.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool On Walks

  • If possible, avoid walking dogs from 11 am to 4 pm or up until the sun starts to set in the late afternoon. These are the hottest parts of any given day during the summer and could be dangerous for your dogs. Take your dog on a walk-in early morning or after the sun goes down.
  • Walking your dog in the shade on a hot and sunny day is a way to best fulfill their natural yearning for exercise while staying refreshed and free of excessive heat. Some of the best locations with this kind of conditions exist in areas that are full of natural shade, therefore forested trails are often a great option.
  • To help your pup stay hydrated, bring a portable water bottle and offer ample rest stops as you walk. If you're always on the move and looking for a portable water bottle, this product is specially designed for you. The bottle is leak-proof, lightweight, and holds almost 300 ml of water. It is equipped with a dog bowl that is specially designed for your dog to drink water easily.
  • Hot summer days can be rough on your dog's paws. Summer ground in the grass and pavement is often way too hot for a dog’s paw pads. If the ground is hot enough to burn your hand when you touch it, imagine how it must feel to their tender feet! Make sure they're protected by providing summer booties.
  • If your dogs need a way to cool themselves down, bring out a wet or damp towel and rub their bodies with it. If you're at the park or in an area with lawn sprinklers then let them play around in those for a while and if you happen to come across a real-life 'water park', let them splash around there.
  • Shaving furs could be a hectic job to do and when it’s done during the summer season, it increases the risk of sunburns in dogs. To remedy this issue, dog owners shouldn’t shave their furred pet even if they are going with a summer theme. Removing some of their furs is no good, either; it will disrupt their body temperature because fur acts like sheep wool, insulating them from cold in winter while keeping cool in summer.


The best way to keep your dog cool during summer is to ensure they have plenty of shade and plenty of water. It is important to keep the dog hydrated to avoid heatstroke. If the dog is outside, keep them in the shade and make sure they have plenty of water. If the dog is inside, provide them with a water bowl and fans to circulate the air.

It can be difficult to keep your pets properly hydrated when you're out. It's not ideal to take a large drinking bowl and do not wish to let your dog drink from puddles or muddy ponds.

It's not just nice to ensure your pet is hydrated, but it's essential that they are healthy by staying clear of contaminant-laden water sources.

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