Welcome to the New Family Pooch!

Welcome Back To Family Pooch!

Family Pooch hit our year anniversary last month, but we didn't make a big celebration.  We instead focused on how we can be more helpful to you!  We are now pleased to announce what more you can expect from us!

Let us start with what ISN'T changing!

  • The foundation of Family Pooch has always been helping dogs all over the world, and we re-iterate that 10% of all profits will be given to animal charities!  We have been and will be happy to consider any valid charity where the vast majority of the donation goes to helping the dogs!

  • We still are focusing on focusing on helping people who know their Family Pooch is more than just a pet, but a member of the family!  Our products, or articles, and everything we do will be to help you.  If there is some way we can help you more PLEASE LET US KNOW!

What will be different?

  • We recently expanded our product selection, not just in new items (like the Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover), but in variety (check out our new Snuffle Bowls, Mats and Portable Water Bottles).  In the future you will be seeing at least one new curated product selection per month which we know you will love!  All our products will be designed to solve a problem you have, so, please let us know if there is some problem you have that you would like solved!

  •  In the past our Blog entries were rather short, product related, and we focused on quantity, not quality.  We are now focusing on a monthly, well researched post which will, again, help solve problems you have!  For some problems, we may have products to help, but many will not need anything except your time, and maybe some help from your local vet.

  • We are exploring other new features, like user communities, etc.  We are still active on most social media platforms, but we want to find more ways to help you.

  • For people who have subscribed, you will be receiving a monthly newsletter that will tell you about the Product of the Month, and what problem it solves (and get you a special Promo Code, just for people who have JOINED Family Pooch).  Subscribers will also get our Tips and Tricks articles before anyone else.  We will add it to the Blogs a month or so later, but we want Subscribers to get the first look

  • We have introduced a Rewards program!  Get to it from the Menu, and earn points for small tasks, refer friends, and exchange for free gifts!

  • We also added a Referral program.  Send someone a $5 coupon, and get a $10 when they buy something!!!

Thank You For Your Support!!!!


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