Dog Puzzle Feeder
Dog Puzzle Feeder
Dog Puzzle Feeder
Dog Puzzle Feeder
Dog Puzzle Feeder
Dog Puzzle Feeder
Dog Puzzle Feeder
Dog Puzzle Feeder

Dog Puzzle Feeder

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The Family Pooch Pet Dog Puzzle Feeder

Though Family Pooch started with Snuffle Mats and Snuffle Bowls we have not had any Puzzle products.  Our problem was finding ones that we of good enough quality to be worth it.  Finally we have found this one a feeder which increases your pups IQ!

The concept is simple.  You can place the Feeder on the floor (there are suction cups to keep it where you place it); Fill with Treats; move your dogs paw to press on the top; and your pup is rewarded by a treat coming out of one of four outlets!  Soom your pooch will know how to press it to get the treat!

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Prevents bloating. Dogs love to eat, and eat and eat! Overeating has a bunch of bad side effects, including bloating and obesity.  The Dog Puzzle Feeder forces them to slow down, minimizing the risk of bloating and obesity.
  • Reduce your dog’s stress levels. The Dog Puzzle Feeder creates a fun and engaging way to reduce your dog’s stress levels. They get to play, figure it out, and are rewarded with joy as they look for these treats.
  • Builds IQ. Most dog's don't get enough brain stimulation.  This feeder is an educational toy, forcing them to learn that they need to press the top to get a treat.   The Dog Puzzle Feeder will provide them with an enjoyable activity!

Family Pooch is dedicated to making the world a better place for dogs and their families, one excellent product at a time. Order today and experience why this product is considered an investment for your dog’s health and well-being.





• Is the fantastic brain and physical exercise for dogs of all sizes and dogs of all ages

• Is perfect for the easily bored dog and is able to easily entertain them.

• Is perfect for slowing down fast passionate eaters.

• Is a great addition to the daily routine for pets on cage rest after injury or illness


Material: Plastic
Color: White or Yellow
Size: 6.7 inches (171mm) x 6.7 inches (171mm) x 7.2 inches (185mm) 

Package Includes:

1 X Dog Puzzle Feeder

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