Self Heating Dog Mat
Self Heating Dog Mat
Self Heating Dog Mat

Self Heating Dog Mat

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Keep your puppy warm!
The Family Pooch Self-Heating Dog Mat

Self-Heating Dog Mat

Never let your dog be bothered by the cold. Keep them warm without the need to use any tools or devices that could harm them.

While cuddles and warm hugs always work, this dog heating mat will blow you away with how amazing it will keep your dog warm during the colder months. Our Self-Heating Dog Mat uses an advanced technology to warm your dog without the need for electricity or harmful gel materials.


Highlighted Benefits:

  • Layers of warmth and comfort. The surface holds a comfortable to the touch experience for your dog while the inner material reflects their body heat back to them, keeping them warm without the risk of any injury.
  • Block the cold from floors. The bottom layer of this self-heating mat for dogs blocks the cold from concrete floors. It helps them stay warm while sleeping on the dog heating mat.
  • Anti-slip technology. Getting on and off this self-heating mat will be a breeze for your pooch. It uses an anti-slip bottom material, which also prevents possible injury if they get too excited.
  • Suitable for use anywhere. With zero need for electricity, you can use this dog heating mat anywhere. Indoors or in the backseat of the family car, your dog will enjoy the warmth it will bring to them.
  • Prevent serious effects of cold to your dog. Eliminate the risks of serious consequences when your dog gets exposed to freezing temperatures. Keep them warm and cozy on this pet heating mat.

Family Pooch is dedicated to making the world a better place for dogs and their families, one excellent product at a time. Order today and experience why this product is considered an investment for your dog’s health and well-being.


Family Pooch - Self Heating Dog Mat

How does it keep them warm?

The magic is in the multiple layers.  It starts with fleece, to keep you pup feeling cozy, and ends with a non-slip base, and the installation layer in-between.  This will reflect the warmth of your pooch back to them, while protecting them from the cold of the floor, car seat, etc.


Family Pooch - Self-heating dog mat

Can I use it outside?

 One of the benefits of not needing a plug is you can use it ANYWHERE.  Want it on the cold floorboards?  Sure!  Dog house?  Yep!  Car?  You bet!   Anywhere your dog can go, the mat can go with them!


Colors: Grey, Brown
Sizes: 4 Sizes available:

  • Small: About 24x18 inches (61x45 cm)
  • Medium: About 27x29 inches (72x48.5 cm)
  • Large: About 36x24 inches (92x62 cm)
  • Extra Large: About 43x28 inches (110x70 cm)

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