Top Non-Shedding Dog Breeds

Pet owners who are allergic to dog hair may have a hard time finding the right canine companion. There are many breeds of dogs with hypoallergenic coats, meaning they shed less and produce less dander than other breeds.

We've compiled a list of some non-shedding dog breeds for you to consider if you're looking for an allergy-friendly pup.

Family Pooch - Bichon Frise

1.     Bichon Frise

The perfect cuddle buddy for those with allergies, the Bichon Frise is known to be hypoallergenic and has a fluffy white coat. The small but mighty Bichon Frise makes an excellent pet choice for anyone who suffers from allergy-causing fur or hair on their pets.


Family Pooch - Portuguese water dog

2.     Portuguese water dog

The Portuguese water dog is a breed of canine with curly, waterproof fur. It's perfect for any owner who has an allergy or hates shedding hair. This dog's coat also keeps it warm and dry in the water and on land alike because its fibers repel moisture so well.


Family Pooch - Maltese

3.     Maltese

Maltese are beautiful white dogs that come with a soft, hypoallergenic coat. These small dogs make great companions for people with allergies. They have a sweet disposition and love to be around their owners.


Family Pooch - Poodles


4.     Poodles

Poodles are the perfect breed for people with allergies. They don't shed, and they're hypoallergenic in nature, which means you can cuddle up to them without worrying about sneezing fits or watery eyes.


Family PPooch - Standard Schnauzer

5.     Standard Schnauzer

Standard Schnauzers are known for their healthy coat and gentle nature. The Standard Schnauzer's fur is hypoallergenic, which makes it a great choice if you have allergies! They also make excellent watchdogs because they're naturally mild-mannered.

Family Pooch - Löwchen


6.     Löwchen

Löwchen is a breed of dog that requires little grooming and maintenance. Löwchen is hypoallergenic in nature, making them perfect for people who experience allergic reactions to other breeds.

Family Pooch - Yorkshire terrier


7.     Yorkshire terrier

People with allergies have long sought after Yorkshire Terriers because they produce less dander than other breeds, which can cause an inflammatory response in sensitive individuals. They are small, so you're sure to find one just right for your home's size.


Family Pooch - Irish water spaniels


8.     Irish water spaniels

Irish water spaniels are high-energy pups that can also be hypoallergenic. They love to swim in cold waters and have thick, curly hair on their coat which keeps them warm during the winter.


Family Pooch - Afghan hounds


9.     Afghan hounds

Afghan Hounds are elegant and beautiful, with a non-shedding coat. The Afghan hounds are sleek and graceful with an ultra-soft undercoat, which makes them one of the most popular breeds in existence today.


Family Pooch - Affenpinscher


10.   Affenpinscher

Affenpinscher is small, low-maintenance dogs that don't shed. They're perfect for homes with people who have allergies or asthma. Affenpinscher can be in the same room as someone on allergy medication without risk of an allergic reaction while also being very easy to maintain.


The truth is, with so many dog breeds to choose from and their individual personalities and quirks, it's possible now to select the right breed for yourself.

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